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The call for papers is now closed. Thank you to all authors who submitted abstracts for the conference. Authors of accepted abstracts are currently undergoing the paper submission and review process

Please see the Key Dates below for a time line of the abstract review and paper submission process.

The Theme

Sadly Pierre Gy passed away in Bordeaux, France, in November 2015, so WCSB8 will be dedicated to his memory and lifetime achievements in sampling mineral commodities. A special session accommodating papers and presentations on his achievements will therefore be incorporated into the conference program. In addition, following the award of the 2017 Pierre Gy Gold Medal at the conference, the recipient will present the inaugural 'Pierre Gy Oration'.

Despite the wealth of knowledge available on correct sampling principles and practice, it is surprising how little attention is often given to extracting representative samples for resource definition, process optimisation, quality control, commercial transactions and environmental monitoring. Quite often everyone appears satisfied as long as some material is collected and delivered to the laboratory for analysis. Yet, unless the samples are representative of the raw material or product from which they are extracted, the whole measurement process is flawed at the outset and no amount of re-analysis can fix the problem. Consequently, companies stand to lose millions of dollars in terms of poor investment decisions, wasted resources, poor plant performance, poor product quality and income from product sales. Sampling and sample preparation therefore need to be given the attention they deserve to ensure that the samples extracted are representative and meaningful decisions can be made based on the resultant analyses.

Papers are sought on the theory and application of sampling and blending in the mineral, pharmaceutical, food, feed, agricultural, biomass and recycling industries, as well as environmental monitoring. Preference will be given to papers in the following areas:

  • Tributes to Pierre Gy
  • Theory of sampling and blending
  • Geostatistics
  • Case studies
  • Sampling and blending mineral commodities
  • Quality control and metallurgica laccounting
  • Sampling of feed, agricultural and biomass products
  • Sampling and quality control in the pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Sampling of wastes and recyclable materials
  • Environmental sampling and monitoring
  • New developments in sampling, sample preparation and blending equipment
  • Staff training
  • Future Technologies
  • Case Studies
  • Development of national and international standards

Online Abstract Submission

Papers that are accepted by the conference will be subject to peer review. The selection criteria includes relevance to the conference theme, accuracy and originality of ideas, significance of the contribution and quality of presentation. All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings and presented at conference technical sessions. All presenting authors are required to pay and attend the conference to present their papers.

Critical Dates

Deadline abstract submission Closed
Notification to authors September 2016
First draft papers submission 21 November 2016
Final paper submission 20 February 2017
Conference dates 9-11 May 2017

Download the AusIMM Guidelines for presenting authors.

Click here to view the guide to writing an abstract.


Review Process

Stage 1: Abstract selection

All abstracts will be reviewed by the organising committee. Authors of approved abstracts will be invited to submit a full-length (maximum 8000 words) paper. Approval of an abstract at this stage does not guarantee that the full paper will automatically be accepted and included in the proceedings and program. Papers must pass through the peer review stage before final approval can be granted.

By submitting your abstract you hereby agree to the terms and conditions of The AusIMM that if your final paper is selected into the technical program, at least one author of the paper will register and pay the discounted author registration fee with the full intention of presenting the paper at the conference. Papers of authors who fail to register and pay by the nominated deadline will be automatically withdrawn from the proceedings and program.

Stage 2: Paper selection

Papers that fully comply with the format requirements will be peer-reviewed, and authors of approved papers will be requested to submit a final paper. At this stage, papers will be recommended for inclusion in the oral program and for publication in the proceedings. Papers that require extensive editing to correct English usage or those that are not written in accordance with the established format and style requirements of the  Guide to Authors will not be accepted for review and will be returned to authors for further editing or may be refused. The AusIMM recommends that authors for whom English is a second language seek the assistance of an English-language editorial service prior to submitting their paper for peer review. More information can be found here.

Stage 3: Final paper approval

Papers will be reviewed by the AusIMM Publishing team to ensure that all modifications have been made as per the technical reviewers' comments at stage 2. At this stage, final papers will be confirmed for presentation and publication. Final papers approved for publication will be published in the conference proceedings.


Published proceedings will only contain abstracts from authors/presenters attending the conference. To confirm publication of a paper, as well as inclusion in the technical program of the conference, authors must ensure that at least one author per abstract is registered and has paid the discounted author rate. Papers of authors who are not registered by the deadline will be automatically withdrawn from the proceedings and program.

Author registrations are due Monday 6 March 2017.

The WIMnet Conference Grant scheme was created to support women who wish to present technical abstracts as well as attend conferences for professional development and networking purposes. It is the goal of the scheme is to increase the representation of female presenters and professionals at AusIMM conferences. A WIMnet Conference Grant is available for each AusIMM conference grant and it covers the cost of conference registration (excluding travel and accommodation).

How to Apply

Women interested in applying for the complimentary conference pass should prepare their application in the following way:

  • Prepare a written statement (300 words max) explaining how your participation in the conference will benefit you, your career and your professional development.
  • Indicate if you have or plan to purse any other role or opportunity at the conference such as chairing a technical session, being a panel member, delivering or participating in a workshop or field trip.
  • If you are a presenter please include a copy in your accepted abstract.
  • You may include a copy of your CV.

Submit your application documents via email to the WIMnet secretariat, Donna Edwards.

Selection Criteria

Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate the following:

  • Applicants need not be AusIMM members, although preference will be given to members
  • Applicants presenting technical papers will be given preference over those who wish to attend for other professional development and networking needs.
  • Applicants who demonstrate a financial or career development need beyond anything mentioned here will be given due consideration.

Conditions of the Award

WIMnet requires the submission of a short article (1-2 pages) relating your experience as an attendee and presenter following the conference. This can either be a technical article or something more personal about your experience and observations from the conference. WIMnet would like to use your article as an opportunity to further promote the conference grant scheme in the WIMnet newsletter. Please accompany your article with a photo of yourself.

WIMnet Support

WIMnet have a number of members experienced in conference presentations who are available to offer advice on presentation skills should an applicant be interested in their assistance.

Terms and conditions

Download the AusIMM Author Terms & Conditions.

By submitting your abstract you hereby agree to the terms and conditions of The AusIMM that if your final paper is selected for the technical program, at least one author of the paper will register and pay the discounted author registration fee with the full intention of presenting the paper at the conference.

Abstracts of authors who fail to register and pay by the nominated deadline will be automatically withdrawn from the proceedings and program.

By submitting an abstract to this AusIMM conference you hereby agree to the following Terms & Conditions

  • An abstract that contains information that relates to, or reports on, a particular company or organisation, must have the appropriate level of approval prior to submitting.
  • Papers submitted are of original quality (not previously published).
  • Submissions of abstracts are loaded electronically via the conference Speakers' Portal with minimal formatting.
  • Papers submitted are in accordance with the Guide to Authors and should not exceed 300 words (less a word equivalent for tables and figures).
  • The paper does not infringe on the copyright of any other third party and copyright for said paper will be assigned to The AusIMM.
  • The paper adheres to the guidelines as presented in The AusIMM Guide to Authors.
  • Authors with accepted final papers agree to register, pay and attend the conference. At least one author/presenter must be registered and paid by the nominated deadline in order for the paper to be published and presented. Any author not registered and paid up will be automatically removed from the proceedings and program.
  • Late withdrawals of final papers will incur penalties if withdrawn by the author at any time following the final submission date:
    • Authors will incur a A$400 desktop publishing fee.
    • The paper will be removed from the published proceedings and technical program
    • In the instance that the author is not available to present the paper a suitable replacement may be found to present the paper and pay the registration fee.

      For further information, please contact:

      Mia Wotherspoon, Coordinator, Publishing
      Telephone: +61 3 9658 6104